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Women's Shining Long Sleeve T-Shirt T-Shirts

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Women's Shining Long Sleeve T-Shirt T-shirts from Isadore collection. This long sleeve shirt is a perfect choice for every cyclist, supporting you during every killometre of your ride. This product is currently on SALE at Wiggle.

Retailer description:

You'll perhaps get a clue to the inspiration for this t-shirt from its name, Shining. That's right, Stanley Kubric's classic 'The Shining' is used here, or more specifically the carpet print from the snow bound horror hotel - remember the scene of the little boy and his tricycle - this gives the t-shirt a mesmerising design sure to get you noticed..  The drop tail cut at the back gives you the extra length needed when riding your bike, enhancing its practicality on the bike, and giving it a fresh look off the bike.