Fleece jacket Calderablue TREKKING & HIKING

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Fleece jacket Calderablue

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Fleece jacket Caldera from Jack Wolfskin collection. This fleece jacket is suitable for trekking and hiking, making you feel comfortable even during the longest walks.

Retailer description:

Very warm, extra soft fleece jacket with system zip.You’re out in the woods at the first sign of snow, across the fields and up to your favourite mountain hut. Under your shell jacket, you’re wearing the CALDERA, one of our warmest fleece jackets. The soft and cuddly NANUK SILKLOFT is lighter than regular fleece fabric, but much warmer.This special fleece fabric has very long, thin fibres that give an extra soft feel. They also trap lots of air, which boosts the insulation performance. The jacket has all the advantages you’d expect from a fleece. It is easy-care, breathable and highly versatile.The REGULAR system zip makes it very easy to zip the jacket into a hardshell to create a jacket that’s suitable for all kinds of winter activities and all kinds of weather.