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1906 T-Shirt

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1906 T-Shirt - AW17 from Mizuno collection. This t-shirt comprises a perfect element of your sporty, casual look. This product is currently on SALE at SportsShoes.

Retailer description:

Mizuno 1906 Women's T-Shirt The Mizuno 1906 Women's T-Shirt may look simple but the technologies that lay within it help you achieve your peak level. The Mizuno 1906 Women's T-Shirt features Mizuno's DryLite technology that wicks sweat as it's produced then transfers it to the outer layers of the fabric where it can then be easily evaporated, ensuring you stay cool, dry and comfortable. The lightweight performance material offers a superior next to skin feel, ensuring you get nothing but comfort during high-intensity exercises. Lastly, the tee features NightLite, with its reflective material, provides superior retro reflection for low-light conditions.