DNAmic Thermal Three Quarter Tights


DNAmic Thermal Three Quarter Tights

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DNAmic Thermal Three Quarter Tights from Skins collection.

Retailer description:

Get the dual benefits of thermal warmth and targeted compression wearing the Skins Womens DNAmic Thermal Three Quarter Tights under your skiwear. The DNAmic Gradient Compression supports and stabilizes your major upper leg muscles to give you more power and reduce fatigue. The brushed Italian thermal fabric will keep you lovely and warm in cold snowy conditions whilst maintaining breathability to prevent feeling clammy. Main Benefits:  Thermal warmth with moisture-wicking technology to keep you comfortable Improve your performance by increasing your endurance and power. Reduce risk of injury. Recover faster to reduce soreness of the muscles. View Size Chart Here Features DNAmic Gradient Compression: SKINS most advanced compression technology increases muscle oxygenation, stabilises active muscles and reduces blood lactate build up, to enhance performance and speed up recovery time. Thermal: SKINS thermal fabric is a blend of Polyamide and Elastane, which combines high pulling and abrasion resistance with excellent breathability and a soft feel against your skin. The brushed interior helps to release heat back to your body to give you a thermal advantage in cooler temperatures without compromising on fit, support or moisture management. 360 Degree Reflectivity: The logos are all made from premium reflective glass bead technology. By day, it's sleek looking graphics but in low light they come alive with powerful reflectivity. Skin Fit: SKINS unique sizing system is based on our unique Body Mass Index (BMI)/anthropometrical algorithm, because you only get the full benefits of gradient compression if your SKINS fits you properly. Fabric: 83% Polyamide 17% Elastane