Primus Road Running Shoes - AW18 RUNNING


Primus Road Running Shoes - AW18

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Primus Road Running Shoes - AW17 from VivoBarefoot collection. These shoes make you will enjoy every kilometre of your run, always looking good and feeling motivated to hit your next goal.

Retailer description:

VivoBarefoot Primus Road Women's Running Shoes Primus is VivoBarefoot's lightest and leanest barefoot exercise shoe. Discover natural movement and put your feet in control for every road run, walk and workout. Breathable Mesh Upper The unlined, vegan upper and super-thin sole of this sneaker lets you train hard while working on your technique. Breathable mesh allows you to exercise in lightweight and breathable comfort as the build up of inevitable sweat and moisture is quickly and efficiently eradicated to prevent distraction and irritation. The V-web construction of the shoe means it's heat fused together, instead of stitched, and delivers the wearer with a seamless, irritation-free fit. Plus, the absence of stitches increases the durability of the shoe. Pro 5 Outsole PRO5 works as an ultra-thin, puncture resistant layer in the sole of the shoe so you can run on jagged terrain with confidence. 5x more puncture resistant than a standard sole of the same thickness. A hexagon ultimate barefoot sole provides flexibility and wet/dry slip resistance, letting your feet do their thing with pure sensory clarity. Go barefoot and win.