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Distortia Snowboard 2018 / 2019

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THE FREESTYLE BOARD WITH AN ALL MOUNTAIN HEART Completely redesigned for 18/19, the new Distortia features an all-new shape, all new construction and all new 3rd generation 3BT base with SideKicks technology. This complete reworking of this award-winning board has redefined what we've come to expect not only from the Distortia but freestyle all terrain snowboards as a whole. Aimed squarely at riders from intermediate all the way through to advanced, the Distortia can blend true freestyle performance with a level of ride anything versatility that would shame many an all-terrain specific board. It's no wonder then that the Distortia is consistently one of our best-selling boards. Rider Style Intermediate to expert riders who are looking for the control and balance you only get with a true twin tip but who also want the ride everything versatility of an all-terrain board. Shape OverviewThe Distortia utilises a state of the art blunt tip and tail true twin chassis. This unique balanced shape delivers all the feel and control that you could ever need. This ensures that no matter how technical your park riding gets, you'll always feel in charge. However, thanks to the innovative nose and tail profile and 3BT base shape, the Distortia delivers quite remarkable performance away from the park. ProfileKey to the Distortia' s perfect balance of park performance, and all-terrain versatility is the unique Twin 3BT with SideKicks base profile. This advanced 3D base profile combined with an overall traditional camber delivers truly stunning performance in all types of terrain. The Twin 3BT profile divides the base at the front and back of the board into three sections. The wide flat centre base aids stability in take offs and landings, while the two slightly narrower side-base sections with their mellow angled uplift deliver that unique combination of hook-free ride with increased edge hold and control. Side KicksSideKick dramatically increases the side base uplift just outside the widest part of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation smoother, increases float in powder and improves handling of the board in rough terrain. ConstructionInternally the Distortia utilises a combination of tried and tested construction with state of the art materials and design to deliver a truly stunning board. Heading this up is the responsive Core core. This poppy wood core combines poplar with beech stringers running through the centre to deliver the optimum balance of strength and performance. New for this season is the addition of Bataleon's new C.S.T reinforcing. This places a hollow carbon rod into milled out channels on the base of the core, stepping up pop as well as powering up the camber for more snap and drive. Now to give the Distortia its combination of playful feel and all-terrain versatility the structural layers are formed from playful bi-ax glass. These are then further reinforced with carbon cross bracing under the inserts to deliver a powerful and stable ride, perfect for just charging around the mountain. BaseTo deliver great performance across all snow conditions, the Distortia utilises the durable Super Slick X Base. This high quality extruded base has the highest molecular weight of any extruded base on the market. That means it's tougher and faster while remaining virtually maintenance free.Additional information Length Waist Width Sidecut Taper Effective Edge Tip Width Tail Width Min Stance Max Stance Setback Weight Range 140 23.3cm 7.2m 0cm 108.2cm 27.1cm 27.1cm 49cm 57cm 0cm 105-140lbs / 48-63kg 143 23.6cm 7.4m 0cm 110.6cm 27.4cm 27.4cm 50cm 58cm 0cm 115-150lbs / 52-68kg 146 23.9cm 7.5m 0cm 113cm 27.9cm 27.9cm 51cm 59cm 0cm 125-165lbs / 57-75kg 149 24.2cm 7.7m 0cm 115.4cm 28.2cm 28.2cm 52cm 60cm 0cm 130-175lbs / 60-80kg 152 24.5cm 7.8m 0cm 117.8cm 28.7cm 28.7cm 53cm 61cm 0cm 145-175+lbs / 65-80+kg